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[marketplace-tests-gaia] Move marketplace-tests-gaia to v1.4 and address waits, if necessary


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The tests run fine with the current version of gaiatest, but we want to move to the version-specific version of gaiatest, which will be based off of v1.3 of gaia. The tests pass with that, but are slow due to inefficient waits. This bug is to address that. It should wait for the v1.3 gaiatest package to land and then build upon that.
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The marketplace tests are now taking 1 - 2 hours because of the wait issue. Moving them to v1.4 might address the issue, but if simply doing that does not more work will be required to fix the wait logic.

The plan is to move to v1.4, but that is being blocked by bug 1011016.
Depends on: 1011016
Summary: [marketplace-tests-gaia] Update waits in either marketplace-tests-gaia or in v1.3 of gaiatest to speed up tests → [marketplace-tests-gaia] Move marketplace-tests-gaia to v1.4 and address waits, if necessary
On v1.4 build we have the "Stage" Marketplace icon already installed. Can we run our tests on stage? Or do we want to test only on "Dev"?
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I'm pretty sure Krupa wants these tests running against Marketplace-dev, not stage, but I'll let her comment on that.

In any case, it looks like bug 1038350 has been resolved (for v1.4 anyway) and we now have Marketplace-dev on v1.4 so we can start moving things over, which I am now in the process of doing.
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We need to run payments test on marketplace-dev since we want to catch bugs sooner. Stage gets updated only 3 days in a week.
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Depends on: 1066005
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Marketplace-tests-gaia are now running on v2.0, and I don't believe there are any plans to backport. I am going to close this as wontfix.
Closed: 5 years ago
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