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Upgrade to Hunspell 1.3.3


(Core :: Spelling checker, defect)

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See bug 620626:

Mozilla uses hunspell 1.3.2. Version 1.3.3 came out June 2, 2014:
Component: Untriaged → Spelling checker
Product: Firefox → Core
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Ever confirmed: true
Alias: hunspell-1.3.3
Assignee: nobody → ryanvm
Summary: (hunspell-1.3.3) Upgrade to Hunspell 1.3.3 → Upgrade to Hunspell 1.3.3
*sigh* local changes that weren't upstreamed :(
OK, I think I isolated the 8 patches that landed in-tree and were never upstreamed.
No longer blocks: 784776
Long ago when we imported Hunspell, we renamed all the upstream .cxx files to .cpp, which makes updates a pain every time. Let's bite the bullet and just use the same names they have upstream to make our lives easier down the road.
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This updates our in-tree copy of Hunspell to version 1.3.3 plus some additional patches we've taken in our copy that were never upstreamed. Those 8 patches are now included in a /patches sub-directory in addition to one build fix needed to go along with undoing some of our earlier hacks from the original import. I will work on getting them upstreamed to simply our lives down the road.

Try is so far green, though I'll be waiting to push until the run is finished.
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Rename the in-tree hunspell source files to use the same names as upstream

Review of attachment 8441072 [details] [diff] [review]:

I assume you're also hg mv'ing the files as part of this?
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Update Hunspell to version 1.3.3

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rs=me.  Thanks for doing this!
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Blocks: 876922
No longer depends on: 876922
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