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[User Story] Unify settings for Rocketbar and Browser


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2.1 S3 (29aug)
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User Story

As a user, I only want one setting for the search engine used for the Rocketbar (and the Browser) so that I am not confused by having different experiences for each.

Acceptance Criteria:
1. Accessing Search Settings, per UX spec, displays only one setting to choose the search engine.
2. Changing the search engine takes effect for all search entry points (Rocketbar on homescreen, top of screen and launching the Browser via the icon)
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User Story: (updated)
Can we close this now as there probably isn't actually anything to do?
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Francis, does the latest implementation match your spec for unifying the Settings?
If so, yes, we can close it.
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IIRC there's a new spec which has this setting under "Search" instead of "Homescreen". We probably do need a bug tracking that, but not no "unification" of settings is required.
The spec has been updated to reduce the number of levels that the user needs to navigate. As Ben mentioned, the Search settings have been renamed to "Search" and should be separated from any specific Home screen settings, as the Search is now universal and not just part of home screen.
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Target Milestone: --- → 2.1 S3 (29aug)
Yes, there's a spec to move the settings, but I think we can handle this in the user story in bug 938177, so there's not a lot of reason to keep this around. Let's close it for now to clean things up a bit.
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