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rewrite Makefile of camera app in javascript


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2.0 S6 (18july)


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we found a way to load r.js in xpcshell javascript for gaia build environment, so let rewrite it to accomplish bug 1022516.
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Hi djf, I'm working on this issue and have a pull request for that. Our goal is migrating build script to javascript as possible as we can, then we can get faster build process and have the compatibility to build gaia in firefox exntension.

but I'm not sure if you have any concern to keep using Makefile, so I would like to get your feedback here, thanks!
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github PR:

Yuren: I don't know anything about the camera app's new build system.

Diego: can you take this feedback request or pass it on to Wilson or Justin, please?
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discussed with Deigo on email and he wants to keep Makefile since we may use an external repository for camera app.

Alex, what do you think? we may use a config file to decide executing a command for building app such as |make| or require build.js module in gaia build environment, but build system will depend on |make| which is we want to avoid.
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The easiest to unblock you is probably to keep the current Makefile and commit your build.js script. I will rewrite the Makefile to be completely XPCSHELLSDK agnostic. What do you think?
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github PR:

having two ways for same purpose will take extra effort to maintain them, but it can help us solve this conflict now.

I will update my pull request and send feedback request again.
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Target Milestone: --- → 2.0 S6 (18july)
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github PR:


Pull request has been updated, Makefile is restored so we only added build.js for camera app, and we no longer execute app Makefile on bug 1035722.


could you reivew this pr? and I added build.js in this pull request but didn't remove Makefile, so to verify this pr you need to remove apps/camera/Makefile to test it until bug 1035722 landed.
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github PR:

LGTM, just a small nit. r=gduan
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nit is addressed.
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merged, thanks, George & Diego!
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