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implement a selective profile cleanup service for use by blocklist v4 & FHR


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Firefox 34


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Something we're going to need for both the enhanced blocklisting project and the self-help FHR project is an API for selectively cleaning up a user profile.  To cite an example from FHR, if a problem can be traced to a problematic add-on, we'd want to be able to remove/disable the add-on, reset any prefs it would have overridden, and do any other form of cleanup we consider appropriate.

Ideally this would take a JS object as an argument, in a format we can serve across both tools, allowing for a relatively simple usage pattern for service consumers.  Something like |cleanup(fixupObj, promptUser)| would be correct in this model.

A simple example could be something like this:

   prefs: ["test.pref1","test.prefBranch2."],
   search: ["BadEngine1"],
   certs:  ["EvilCA"],
   addons: [""]

Entries with a trailing period in prefs would reset an entire branch, otherwise reset the exact pref.  Anything matching certs/addons/search would be removed.
Blocks: 1031493
Depends on: 1029148
Flags: firefox-backlog+
Depends on: 1051082
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