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disable tegras on 32 to ride the trains


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bye bye tegras
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Christmas has come early! :-D
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As I mentioned before in bug

I don't know how to disable talos on a per branch basis until we turn off all Tegra tests.  

Actually now that we have all tests off on certain bramches if I turn off builds on those branches, no talos tests will be invoked.  Let me write a patch for that.
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Callek: I looked at disabling the builds but of course the armv6 apks are still used for 2.3 tests and the android apks are used for 4.0.  So I don't know a good way to disable the associated talos tests for tegras.

If you have suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

See comment #5.
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r- purely because its removing them from aurora as well per the builder diff.

I'd also love a grep of "Tegra" in the full (after) builder list, to verify what branches are left, while we're at it.

To be clear, we *do* want to remove on try, effectively defeating the ability to mobile test beta/etc patches that land?
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My understanding is that it's supposed to be removed from the aurora because it will be removed from 32. In the mobile meeting it was mentioned that there would be a lack of test coverage during this change.  The same with try. I have already disabled selected tests on 32 in bug 1017599 which is reflected on Try and m-a.

I'll attach a grep of Tegra in the after builder list.
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List of builders with Tegra after this change
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Ok then. If be interested in knowing if the b2g* branches still want or need tegra as well
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Callek: who should I ask re the b2g branches, not sure if the mobile test meeting is the best place.
In production
From #ateam
blassey	go ahead and turn off talos tegras
kmoir	gbrown: I can needinfo blassey on that bug and see if we can disable all talos on tegras
jmaher	blassey++
kmoir	blassey++

So I'll attach a patch to disable all talos testing on tegras
(In reply to Kim Moir [:kmoir] from comment #13)
> Callek: who should I ask re the b2g branches, not sure if the mobile test
> meeting is the best place.

I'm not sure, n-i to :aki to redirect.

For enumeration, kim, which branches are running which tests, with which builds against tegras?
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b2g30 has none:
I'm going to follow that pattern for b2g32.
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patch to disable Talos tests on Tegra across all branches
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builder diff
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List of remaining Tegra jobs after disabling Talos
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::: mozilla-tests/
@@ +119,1 @@
>  ANDROID_NOT_PANDA = [slave_plat for slave_plat in ANDROID if 'panda' not in slave_plat]

ANDROID_NOT_PANDA will now be an empty list, followup fodder.

@@ +1658,5 @@
>              if not branch['platforms'][platform][slave_plat]['debug_unittest_suites']:
>                  continue
>              else:
>                  branch['platforms'][platform]['enable_debug_unittests'] = False
> +A

accidental insertion
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verified on tbpl
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