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2.0 S6 (18july)
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We need to check following images:


??? - we need to double check this
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Hey James,
can you check this one ... I landed it by mistake :( hope that everything will be OK
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patch for Gaia/master

James is on vacation so I took a look at what's being removed/was removed.  Most of these seem like they were fine to remove.  The ones that don't need CSS work to be hooked up, so I'll file a spin-off bug and we can re-add those images there.  (I believe that backing out the accidental landing would bloat the repository by re-adding all the removed images, better to just re-add them back when needed.)  This is probably the right call anyways since we have an unused image linter coming.

- style/images/icons/actionicon_email_addrecipient_press.png (1x), @1.5x, @2x, @2.25x

Maybe should not have been purged.  These are pretty clearly the :active variants of actionicon_email_addrecipient.png and friends, they just didn't get hooked up.  Filing a bug to fix the :active stuff.

- style/images/icons/remove_message.png (1x), @1.5x, @2x, @2.25x

Maybe should not have been purged.  This was added in the visual refresh update bug 950208.  It looks like these are supposed to be the _press variants of actionicon_email_removeattachment.png.  I'm putting these in the bug too, and we should improve the names when doing so.

- style/images/icons/reply-all.png (1x), @1.5x, @2x, @2.25x

Yes, good to purge, although there's a weird situation here.  Bug 918303 added the image; it looks like there was some confusion since the email app has been sourcing its reply-all icon from the shared area.  Namely we use:
  background-image: url("../shared/style/headers/images/icons/reply_all.png");

We are overhauling reply stuff in bug 1023656 again, so I'm going to comment there referencing this removed image and the shared image so we can try and make things better there if it is really only used by the email app.

- style/images/icons/search.png (1x), @1.5x, @2x, @2.25x

Yes, good to purge.  Bug 940132 removed the search button but left the image around.

- style/images/icons/settings.png (1x), @1.5x, @2x, @2.25x

Yes, out of date/mooted.  We are currently using style/images/icons/settings_icon.png and settings_icon_press.png.  These seem to have a different post-refresh style, and were indeed added in bug 940132 for the drawer refactoring.

- style/images/icons/undo.png (1x), @1.5x, @2x, @2.25x

Yes, unused, good to purge.  I don't think it was ever used, although it was probably speculatively for the toasts.  But we have a new, different set of undo/redo icons on bug 1021981 for implementing that, so this can stay gone.
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