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Detect Flash ads to be played in Shumway


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We can detect Flash ads by looking for common ad dimensions, `clickTag` SWF URLs, or known ad servers.
Yury: Till said you might work on ad detection for whitelisting compatible ads.
Assignee: nobody → ydelendik
Till suggests building a whitelisting infrastructure that can take three things into account:

* stage dimensions as specified by the embedding page (compared to industry-standard Flash ad dimensions)
* whether a clicktag is supplied as a parameter
* the swf's url, matched by a regexp
Assignee: ydelendik → dchan
Depends on: 870553
Priority: -- → P1
Blocks: shumway-m4
No longer blocks: shumway-m3
Assignee: dchanm+bugzilla → nobody
Tobias ran an offline ad detection test of our archive of 90K SWF files from a crawl of Alexa top sites' home pages. Based on ad-like content dimensions or clickTag URL, 22% of the SWFs were categorized as ads. The other SWFs are probably video players, trackers, site navigation menus, or non-standard ad dimensions.

We may still need to implement client-side ad detection even with a Shumway list to avoid playing non-ad SWFs on whitelisted domains. A shavar blocklist to quickly block websites broken by Shumway is probably the most important reason for maintaining a server list.

The TP team's script to import Disconnect's blocklist:
Monica strongly recommends that creating a Shumway shavar list block M3, even if the list is just a clone of the TP list to start. The server workflow to import and publish lists is tricky.
Blocks: shumway-m3
No longer blocks: shumway-m4
I am repurposing this bug for the Shumway dev work to detect ads, whether by SWF dimensions, clickTag, or whitelist. I will split the work to create, approve, and serve the whitelist to separate blocking bugs.
Summary: Create Shumway whitelist or detection of compatible Flash ads → Detect compatible Flash ads
Summary: Detect compatible Flash ads → Detect Flash ads to be played in Shumway
Depends on: 1145857
We will need client-side heuristics in addition to the server whitelist. I added "", a common ad server, to my "shumway.swf.whitelist" pref. It broke some non-ad video content:
Correction: adding to the shumway.swf.whitelist pref does NOT break the videos in comment 6. I was testing a number of different whitelist wildcard expressions at the time and I lost track of which expression I was testing.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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