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[Dialer] When you put the phone on your ear, tones are not played using telephony channel


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1. Make a call using the DuT to a number that is busy in another call.
2. Put the DuT on your ear.

1. The busy tone should played in the telephony audio channel like as part of the call.

3. The busy tone is played in the normal audio channel (external speaker) instead of the telephony audio channel.
Blocks: 995938, 1038616
Assignee: nobody → david.garciaparedes
Could be. Not sure. 
As suggested by Etienne, I'm going to fix this one first and see what happens with 1038616 and 995938 next.
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Did we regress bug 984498?
Gabriele, yes, looks like bug 984498 still happens. But there is more than one problem going on here.

First, callscreen TonePlayer should be using 'telephony' channel while you are in a call, and go back to 'normal' when you are not. Currently it switches between those channels using visibilitychange event of the callscreen app. The problem is that if you put the phone in your ear during a call, it switches the screen off -> visibilitychange triggers -> it switches TonePlayer to channel 'normal' because callscreen is no longer visible -> if your phone is in silent you don't hear the tones, if it is not, you hear them in the external speaker instead of the ear one. That is the problem described in thus bug, and the patch I submitted should fix it (I hope).

The second problem is the busy tone, that I'm trying to solve in bug 1038616. The busy tone is played by the communications app (not the callscreen app), so it should not be affected by the visibilitychange thing I said above. The communications app TonePlayer is using the 'normal' channel instead of the 'telephony' channel. So if the device is silent, you don't hear anything, if the device is not silent, it uses the external speaker. 

And there is a third problem, that is, if you change the channel to 'telephony' before playing the busy tone, it works fine, it plays it in the front speaker instead of the external one. But, if the device is silent then you don't hear anything, even if the channel is 'telephony'. So I guess 984498 is regressed
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(In reply to David Garcia [:davidg] from comment #5)
> Gabriele, yes, looks like bug 984498 still happens. But there is more than
> one problem going on here.
> [...]

Thanks for investigating this David, some of the issues you mention (the third in particular) might be on the Gecko side too. Please file some bugs - or look if there's already some filed - on this topic and CC both me and Etienne.
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Closed: 9 years ago
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I am also suffering this bug in 2.0 latest build so nominating this bug to be fixed in that release.

Environment info:
v2.0, hamachi
blocking-b2g: --- → 2.0?
David: Étienne: Why is this patch not including new tests?
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(In reply to Anthony Ricaud (:rik) from comment #10)
> David: Étienne: Why is this patch not including new tests?

I don't make contributors do the plumbing for quick fixes, we already talked about this.

I see you don't agree, please assign the follow-up adding the plumbing+tests to me, and I'll make sure to redirect the review to you next time somebody new is touching an under-tested area of the code, but no need for the passive-agressivity.
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blocking-b2g: 2.0? → 2.0+
Whiteboard: [DUPEME]
Sorry it sounded passive-agressive, it was a genuine question. I do agree actually, I didn't know we don't have the plumbing for this part of the code base. I should have looked for existing tests before asking.
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Version         34.0
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