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Adopt template strings in UnifiedComplete


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Now that template strings are implemented, all that string.replace mess in UnifiedComplete may be cleaned up nicely.
also in _processRow and probably in few other places
Yeah, let's do this. Can you mentor this? It seems like a good first or second bug, no?
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We actually have a separate bugzilla field for that now :)
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function sql( parts.join(" ") can also be removed in favor of "no substitution template" string usage.
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I've updated UnifiedComplete.js to use template strings in place of String.replace() where appropriate. I've also replaced uses of the sql() function with multi-line strings.
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Template strings are currently #ifdef NIGHTLY_BUILD, it's probably a good idea to put any consumers behind that as well to avoid surprises at Aurora uplift time.
Bug 1038259 removes the flag. It's not landed yet, but won't be too long.
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Review of attachment 8460881 [details] [diff] [review]:

Unfortunately the patch doesn't apply anymore (my fault for not reviewing it promptly). Given the nature of this patch (most of the changes are in a single, quite large hunk), you may want to back out the "breaking" patches locally, reapply your patch, reapply the other patches, find out if there are more places which need update (any new sql/replace usage), and then generate the new patch. Please re-run the tests. Autocomplete code tends to break easily.

Sorry for that :(

::: toolkit/components/places/UnifiedComplete.js
@@ +100,5 @@
>  // TODO bug 412736: in case of a frecency tie, we might break it with h.typed
>  // and h.visit_count.  That is slower though, so not doing it yet...
> +function defaultQuery(conditions) {
> +  if (conditions === undefined)
> +    conditions = "";

Use the default argument syntax.

function defaultQuery(conditions = "") {

@@ +189,4 @@
> +function hostQuery(conditions) {
> +  if (conditions === undefined)
> +    conditions = "";


@@ +207,5 @@
> +const SQL_TYPED_HOST_QUERY = hostQuery("AND typed = 1");
> +
> +function urlQuery(conditions) {
> +  if (conditions === undefined)
> +    conditions = "";

Same Same. Please double check if I overlooked any instance of that.
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Attached patch PatchSplinter Review
Thanks, I've updated the patch to the most recent version of UnifiedComplete.js. I've updated the query functions to use the default argument syntax as you suggested.

Here are the results from the try server:
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