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[shumway] Google Finance charts fails with TypeError: v368 is null shumway.js line 769 > Function:210


(Firefox Graveyard :: Shumway, defect, P4)



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Shumway renders Google Finance charts with X scale squashed 50% and then fails with TypeError: v368 is null shumway.js line 769 > Function:210 in the web console.

I see the following Shumway errors in the web console:

 "Session #2: loaded 8331/8331" avm-sandbox.js:237
 "Session #2: closed" avm-sandbox.js:231
 "Session #3: loaded 8684/8684" avm-sandbox.js:237
 320 shumway.js:1428
 TypeError: v368 is null shumway.js line 768 > Function:210
 Initialize Renderer: 1374.1ms shumway.js:234
 "AVM1 error: Error: Object "XML" is not found" shumway.js:1064
 "AVM1 error: Error: Method load is not defined." shumway.js:1064

This bug is a clone of Shumway GitHub issue #1222:
No longer blocks: shumway-m3
Blocks: shumway-1.0
Priority: -- → P4
Duplicate of this bug: 1085117
I get this error

TypeError: v403 is null
shumway.player.js line 9307 > Function:191
ShumwayStreamConverter.js: Timeout during shumway instance initialization

And a ridiculous amount of these warnings
"Font metrics for "Helvetica" unknown. Fallback to default." shumway.player.js:142
Blocks: shumway-m4
No longer blocks: shumway-1.0
The chart is now rendered pretty much correctly, and works to some extent. Not everything works, but the issue reported here is gone, so marking fixed.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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