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Pass timestamp instead in nsINetworkStatsCallback::networkStatsAvailable


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1043830 +++
Find also in NetworkUtils::getNetworkInterfaceStats, but we never pass such command to NetworkWorker or so since bug 948743.
1) We don't depend on NetdWorker for this command anymore. /proc is always available so we don't have to check |this.shutdown| in this case.
2) Refactor the code a little bit.
Assignee: nobody → vyang
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Remove anything only referenced by NetworkUtils::getNetworkInterfaceStats. These should had been removed before bug 864931 was ever landed.

This patch also removes redundant fields from WebIDL dictionary NetworkCommandOptions and NetworkResultOptions.
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The interface no longer passes Date object but we still have to construct it back in NetworkStatsService.jsm because it's required by |NetworkStatsDB.normalizeDate|. Further removal of these Date objects maybe addressed in bug 1043830.
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part 2/3: remove unused bits related to 'getNetworkInterfaceStats'

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rs=me on the webidl change.
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Fix typo in XPIDL file.
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part 1/3: don't use Date in nsINetworkStatsCallback::networkStatsAvailable : v2

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Looks good.
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Blocks: 1043830
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