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[ux] Define the user-experience for Shumway (Flash ads)


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Shumway's M3 will involve playing some Flash ads in Nightly. 

Some aspects of this could be:
- click-to-play
- falling back to Adobe's Flash
- displaying Flash cookies ("Local Shared Objects" or LSOs) in Firefox's cookie UI.
You can test Shumway by flipping Nightly's "shumway.disabled" pref to false, then loading a page with Flash content such as

Our current "fall back to Adobe's Flash" button is simply a button labeled "Shumway" in the lower-right corner of SWF content. The button also includes a "Report Problems" link that we might want to remove from the final UI.

Other questions include:

* Bug 1064435: Should we include an "About Shumway" context menu item (like Flash's "About Adobe Flash Player") when right-clicking on SWF content?

* Should Firefox add a separate click-to-play setting for Shumway in about:permissions or just reuse the settings for Flash?

* Should Shumway show up in about:addons' Add-ons tab, Plugins tab, or neither?
New Shumway UX work does not block the M3 milestone because it only affects Nightly users.
Assignee: nobody → cpeterson
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Summary: [ux] Define the user-experience for Shumway M3 (Flash ads) → [ux] Define the user-experience for Shumway (Flash ads)
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Blocks: 1137862
No longer depends on: 1137862
We can close this UX bug because we met with Philipp Sackl and documented our Shumway UX plan for ads. The dependent bugs for the UX implementation have been filed and assigned to milestones.
As per comment 3, the UX implementation bugs have been filed and assigned to Shumway milestones.
Closed: 9 years ago
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Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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