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[Settings] Unify HTML mark style in Display and Sound panels


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We should include the sound icons to the gaia-icons repo and use them instead of background images as we currently do in Display panel.

Expected HTML:

<label class="range-icons">
    <span data-icon="volume-media-sound"></span>
    <input type="range" step="1" min="0" value="8" max="15">
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Hi Manuel,
I'm not handling Setting right now. 
I can help you pin to the person who's taking care of Settingm but I need more clue about it.
Do you have screenshots or anything to explain what this is about?
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Hi Carol,

The aim here is to have the same HTML structure as we use in Display Panel (see icons in attachment: icons-display-panel.png). The icons you see in the display panel are added in the gaia-icons font. However, the other ones you see in sound panel (see attachment:icons-sound-panel.png) are not included.

So I need the svg files of these icons to be included in the gaia-icons font repository and then I will take care of changing the HTML structure.

I hope it will be helpful
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Hi Helen,
Please provide the files that Manuel needs, thank you!
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Update 'ringer-volume' and 'alarm-volume' icons in SVG format, besides, I found we already have 'sound-max' icon in Gaia-icon that can be used for media volume.
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Looks good to me! Could you also remove the image files as they are no longer used? Thanks.
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I've deleted the images. Please, could you check that everything it's ok?
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r=me, thank you!
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