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Increase number of workers on dev


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The log parsing queue on both dev and stage is increasing in size at a constant pace (about 1k per hour). At least for stage, we need to either add a worker machine or (better) create an environment like production. In that way we could have enough computing power to parse the logs.
If we decide to replace stage with a prod-like environment, we could be able to better test a deployment via chief.
Blocks: 1072681
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Blocks: 1073015
Depends on: 1074927
Priority: -- → P2
Blocks: 1074927, 1076750
No longer blocks: 1073015
No longer depends on: 1074927
Summary: The log parser on both dev and stage is not quick enough → Increase number of workers on dev/stage
Blocks: 1073015
See Also: → 1076776
I think its worth mentioning that TC basically has "the scale of AWS" on spot for any input/output tasks (log parsing)... It may be more cost/time effective to run that on TC rather then manually provision machines since we are essentially designed for this busty load (and will continue get better over time cost wise).

At some point in the near future I would love to sit down and chat about how we can build a prototype and deploy that to -dev or staging.
Depends on: 1079230
Let's make this bug just about dev, since stage is being switched to an IT managed instance with greater capacity in bug 1064438 and deps.
Summary: Increase number of workers on dev/stage → Increase number of workers on dev
No longer depends on: 1079230
Blocks: 1080757
No longer blocks: 1072681
Priority: P2 → P3
No longer blocks: 1080757
Component: Treeherder → Treeherder: Infrastructure
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
We seem to be managing ok for now, and seeing as we're mainly using stage for the real-world-testing use cases, this seems redundant for now. We can reopen in the future if needs be.
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