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[Utility Tray] Status Bar icons toggle off/on to soon


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Hi Alberto,

I'm opening this bug as a follow up to bug 1067913.
Currently with the patch in bug 1067913 the status bar icons toggle off before the handle passes with the vice versa happening when the tray goes up.

I've attached a visual flow of what ideally should happen.
If you have any questions please let me know, thanks!
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Eric, could you please ui-review this?

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Hey Alberto, this is looking really good but I think a few tweaks are needed.

1. Is it possible to have the handle of the utility tray full opaicty all the way though?  I think it will help with the transition.

2.  When pulling down the handle at the top it feels a little jagged. Right after you see the entire handle it feels like it snaps down.  Is there anything we can do to make this smoother?

3. When you close the tray the date/icons shouldn't move up.  It looks cool, but the icons end up flashing back that are under the tray.  This only happens when you you flick the tray closed - if you hold you're finger down it doesn't happen.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I need to clarify :).  This is looking great so far!!  Flag more for review again when ready and feel free to bug me!
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Hi Eric. I just updated the patch, and now 1 and 3 should be fixed. Regarding 2, couldn't find an easy way of making it smoother (we are showing/hiding the real statusbar when that happens, so moving only in that space is not cheap). I'll ask for advice on the review for that.

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This is great, thanks for working on this Alberto :).  It also seems pretty smooth to me - have you updated the patch since yesterday? R+
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Looking real good on the phone! I had a couple of questions on github, please reflag me when you answer/address those.
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I updated the PR with some fixes and also replied to the comments. Could you please re-check? Thanks!
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Looks good! Left a couple of tiny comments on github. Also, we should probably have an integration test for protecting the statusbar icon states when toggling the utility tray.
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Added integration tests and fixed comments.

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Backed out for making permafail on OSX.
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Sorry, everything was green when I checked in:

I'll take a look. Thanks!
Looks like the failure rate is ~40% based on the retriggers I've done.
Relanded with tests fix:

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