Back up user data before installing flash image and/or add public facing documentation about it



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There are several issues I want to highlight
* We currently don't have any documentation on MDN about backing up the user data.
* We currently don't back up a user profile before installing the base image
* comes with the incorrect permissions
* We include a file called

I believe we should back up the user profile before paving with the base image.
I don't believe we should restore the user profile without asking the user first.

To fix the permissions of I run this: "chmod +x"

I currently backed up with user profile with [2]

To back up my user data this is what I do:
* cd ~/repos/B2G-flash-tool
* ./ -r

These are the steps I followed:
* wget
* unzip && cd Flame_2.0_v180_1
* chmod +x
* sudo ./
* Go through FTU menu
** Connect to WiFi
** Click on date and time so the phone updates to current date/times
** I skip all other menus
** [Perhaps I don't have to do any FTU steps and run the restore]

To restore my profile I do this:
* cd ~/repos/B2G-flash-tool
* ./ -r

Unfortunately, restoring the profile failed completely. It would get the phone to the Flaming fox screen and stay there. If we added backing up and restoring as part of the acceptance test of a new base image it would be great.

To get my profile back, I decided to use -w and ask for a User image based on v2.0 of Gecko + Gaia.
After that I restored my profile as mentioned. However that got me into a weird state (see screenshot). My profile was back but we only were drawing half the screen.
A reboot got me into the right state.

I'm now on 1.80 [3] + I have my user profile back.

[3] armenzg-thinkpad B2G-flash-tool git:[master] $ adb shell getprop ro.bootloader
Is there a repo where I could contribute on what gets included as part of the zip file that contains the base image? Who could review such changes?
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correction ni to Wesly (TAM)
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hi viral,

are you able to comment on this issue?
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I think Al (CC'd) can help on the tool review and maintain :)
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If I figure out what is the repo, I'm happy to contribute!


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The big problem is that I also do not have any documentation about backup or restore the user data.

It seems like B2G doesn't provide the backup/restore profile feature, so we try to pull/push files by adb command. However, this way have some risk.
For example, when user backup profile from v1.4 then restore to v2.1, user might get stuck phone due to the changes of data structure and file structure.
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There is a user story for back up and restore (Bug 1026531)
Depends on: 1026531

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4 years ago
This is my bug related to backup and restore old data from JJ image to a KK one: bug 1084491
Unless we automate the process of releasing a new base image and testing profile backup we're going to see non-staff members who own a flame hit these issues again and again.

It is already difficult without granting them full flashing (since they can't access private builds - pvtbuilds) to switch between versions since shallow flashing is prone to breaking and does not provide the gonk bits that each release requires.

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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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