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remove tools/performance/pageload + startup


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Not set





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These two directories seem ancient and are not used in Talos.

Talos code lives here:
Thanks, jmaher. I can take this.
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This was added in bug 342089, back in mid-2006.

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Finishing what bug 591717 and bug 579571 started.

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jmaher, with those two patches done, the only thing left in tools/performance/ is Is that still needed? If so, we should rename the directory as tools/diff-talos/, or maybe even move the script into the talos repo?
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as for, it looks useful, we have plenty of tools like this and I use one inside the talos repository:

While they do similar things, it is nice to have something in m-c.  Unfortunately is outdated such that it is missing half the tests and has a lot of older tests in it.

We can either:
1) delete it as it is obviously crufty
2) move it to /testing/talos/
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I strongly considered deleting it, but instead moved it because (a) it's
Python rather than Perl, and (b) it has a nice high-level comment at the top of
the script explaining what it's doing :)
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(part 3) - Move from tools/performance/ to testing/talos/

looks good.
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