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Propagate text decoration to ruby frames


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Currently, text decorations are not propagated into ruby frames.
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Currently the lines generated by text decoration are not continuous. It is because the width of text frames is not expanded properly, which should be solved in bug 1055676.
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r=dbaron on the code, but it would be good to add a test, and make sure it's specified clearly in the css-ruby spec.  Ideally, the test would go in layout/reftests/w3c-css/submitted/css-ruby/ so that we submit it to the CSS WG as well.
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Actually, I guess this test should go in text-decor-3/ instead of css-ruby/, because it is not part of ruby spec, but of Text Decoration 3:

> When specified on or propagated to a ruby box, the decorations are propagated only to the ruby base.
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I forgot that I didn't write test for it. Remove checkin-needed.
Keywords: checkin-needed
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It is strange that, in a normal browser the test page and the reference page look same, but when running in reftest, they are different. The rendering result of test page is not understandable. I cannot figure out the reason.
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Depends on: 1090744
Depends on: 1068477
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Depends on: 1096808
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patch of test


It might also make sense to have a second reference with a span inside the rb, and the text-decoration on the span.

Also, I think I'd prefer the directory be called either text-decor-3 or text-decor.

You should remove the link rel="help" from the reference.
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My patch 1 of bug 1088489 causes some problems in the test for this bug. The problems will be fixed by the patch 2.
Depends on: 1088489
No longer depends on: 1088489
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1. The directory name is changed to text-decor-3
2. Wrap content in <rb> with <span>
3. Remove inter-segment whitespaces
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patch of test

Please put the link rel="help" back in the test.  (That is, it should be in the test but not in the reference.)

r=dbaron with that
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Ah, I guess I should always include tests on ICS when push to try. It meets the same crash which happens on patches for bug 1083004. Make this bug blocked by bug 1052924.
Depends on: 1052924
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