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Menulists in the in-content preferences have too much padding at the start of their contents


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Firefox 38
38.3 - 23 Feb
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Steps to reproduce:

Click "Nightly" → "Preferences..." → "Content"

Actual results:

Under "Fonts & Colors", the select list for the default font size shows an ellipsis instead of the selected value (16, in my case).

Expected results:

Because the font size is almost always a two-digit number, the select list should be wide enough to display two-digit values without collapsing them to an ellipsis.
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
It's fine with Win 7 and Nightly. It could be OSX-specific or DPI-dependant. Did you test with a clean profile?
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WFM on nightly 37.0a1 (2014-12-07) OS X 10.9.5.
(In reply to Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] from comment #2)
> WFM on nightly 37.0a1 (2014-12-07) OS X 10.9.5.

Ditto for me on today's... tentatively marking WFM. Ori, please let us know if you still see this and try to provide more information about the environment where you see this...
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... and then I saw it again myself today (on OS X). :-\
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I think making the dropdown wider will be an easy fix for this.
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Mentor: jaws
Hi Jared, this would be my first bug in Firefox, could you please tell me where the changes need to be made?
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Hi Tanay, thanks for requesting to work on this bug.

The root issue here is that menulists that are missing an icon still have an extra 5px of margin-end applied to where the icon would be placed had it been provided.

If we only apply the margin when the icon is provided, this issue will be fixed and potentially other issues that are similar in symptom will also be fixed.

At, we can change the following line:
xul|menulist > xul|*.menulist-label-box > xul|*.menulist-icon {
xul|menulist > xul|*.menulist-label-box > xul|*.menulist-icon[src] {

Doing this change would make the margin only apply when the src value is supplied. This fixes the issue in my testing.
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Bug 1013695 can also be handled here in my opinion.
Other locations this affects:

General -> When &brandShortName; starts:
Content -> Fonts & Colors -> Advanced… (ignoring font dimensions already mentioned in this bug)
Privacy -> Accept third-party cookies:, Keep until:

See for a screenshot.
Summary: Font size select list shows ellipsis instead of selected value → Menulists in the in-content preferences have too much padding at the start of their contents
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Tanay, can you apply the patch and see if this fixes the issue for you?
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Assignee: tanay1337 → jaws
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Mentor: jaws
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