Design Icons for Net Neutrality Campaign Snippet Feb 2015

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4 years ago
Need to create 4 unique icons. Animated is best. Notes from the kickoff meeting below:

    Launch: February 5th

    Deadline: Jan 15

    Channel Leaders: Michaela and Fabio

    Snippet Design: StudioMofo / consult moco design and engagement team

    Design options: 

    a) megaphone

    b) is there a NN logo we should use?  Advocacy Logo +1 to Advocacy logoI agree. That was original plan 

    Snippet copywriting: Andrea/Dave (moco consult)

    Snippet build: Timeline is tight, so should we keep this a "traditional" snippet with icon + copy? Variants for testing? >> We likely want to stick to simple snippets -- Michaela and Fabio will look at the "big splash" snippet schedule and see what makes sense, we don't want to put off users with too much "disruption" -- keep the special snippets special :)

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4 years ago
Hey folks -- just said this in another Snippet bug, but we're asking Ogilvy to help with content across Snippet, email, and also social channels (to be consistent in voice and to also do some really creative stuff that we may not have the time to dedicate to). Their work will include copy and design across channels. We'll be overseeing their efforts, with ya'll as folks on the "review." LMK if you have any concerns!

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4 years ago
Hi Michaela, that is rad! Love to have their help. I just want to flag that we've already done a LOT of work and testing over the past 12 months and really know how to talk about this issue to our audience. I also don't know if Ogilvy has experience with advocacy? It's a unique type of marketing / language with specific best practices. Would it be possible for David or I to be involved earlier than "review" just to make sure Ogilvy has the context and tone right based on what's already been done, and what we know works?

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4 years ago
Ditto -- this is awesome. Also - Andrea and I will work on the petition landing page copy on Monday, so the Ogilvy team can work off of that.

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4 years ago
Awesomeness all around. We'll look out for your copy and will definitely include ya'll earlier than review. Makes sense. (And if it's helpful to have another meet or two early next week, we can do that too.)

Have a good weekend team!

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4 years ago
Unassigning Sabrina (Studio Mofo) since Ogilvy will do this.
Assignee: sabrina → nobody


4 years ago
Assignee: nobody → matthew.whatley
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