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Create build flag for reading list service


(Firefox Build System :: Android Studio and Gradle Integration, defect)

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This will control:

* FxA setup
* Settings
* Doorhangers
* A SyncAdapter
* And many, many more, all at a low, low price.
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Defaults to off. Doesn't have any permissions/services/etc. yet, so just the stub of a flag and AppConstants.
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Create build flag for reading list service on Android. v1

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Let's add the relevant AC_SUBST to, and add --enable-reading-list or whatever.  Desktop will want this and it's best to control features in mozconfig rather than confvars.  I think m/a/b/ will need to include the new flag in DEFINES; I expect this doesn't actually pick up the flag right now.

Unless there's a reason to do this in only?
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The reason I picked the confvars approach rather than a --flag:

* This isn't an external build flag that we expect people to change; this is control for when an in-development feature rides the trains.

* I explicitly don't want this interfering with desktop work, so I don't want reuse there. These two projects don't share anything.

I probably still need something in, though.
Note that exposing a --flag is orthogonal to enabling in mozconfig or You can very well enable something without a --flag in a mozconfig.

Now, the patch as it is attached is not going to do anything whether things are added to mozconfig or, because it doesn't do anything explicit with the variable in It would need to be AC_SUBSTed and tested in a to add to DEFINES, or AC_DEFINEd.
Now with 500% more cargo-culting.
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Create build flag for reading list service on Android. v2

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