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[breakdown] Telemetry to gather for reading list on desktop


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We'll presumably want to have telemetry for usage of reading list / reading mode on desktop, to help understand how users are using it and if it's successful.

A good starting point would be to see what measurements mobile might already be using in their existing implementation. Would also be nice to have at least some set of probes common to all platforms, so we can do apples-to-apples comparisons.

Also worth considering that we'll presumably have some server-side metrics too.

Idea fodder:
 * How many items in the user's current reading list
 * Number of items added from this device in last X days
 * Frequency of errors fetching favicon / image / article.
 * Some of the UI has redundant functionality (multiple ways to do the
   same thing), understanding the relative usage of each.
Bryan: any specific questions / things-we-want-to-know from a product perspective?
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Just noting that fennec currently has 1 telemetry probe,  However they also have some ui telemetry for reader as well
Working out the details on these metric suggestions, but so far this is what I have.

2 suggested probes, with one more that would be nice.

# 1. Monitor a delta in the reading list length such that we can infer usage by users adding and removing items.  This should indicate active usage related to the RL feature similar to a MAU.

# 2. Somehow indicate that a user signed up for a Fx Account coming from the reading list such that we know the reading list feature created an increase in signups.  This should indicate a correlation between an account creation and the reading list feature.

# 3. Monitor active time spent in reading mode such that we can determine active time spent reading against overall active time spent in the browser.
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(In reply to Bryan Clark (Firefox PM) [:clarkbw] from comment #3)
> 2 suggested probes, with one more that would be nice.

For these probes I'm assuming FHR implementations, not Telemetry so that we receive numbers from production.  However that doesn't mean that all other metrics are in FHR as well.
Android telemetry: Bug 1093871.
Depends on: 1093871
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Mass change of ReadingList bugs, moving to their own component. Filter bugspam on the following quote:

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”
― Joseph Addison
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Deprioritized during backlog review.  Removed from IT 39.2 priority backlog and not part of the initial Q2 campaign release.
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Not sure what the reality is here - assuming Blair dropped this (which seems like the right thing to do).
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Not important for v1 since we can get data from the server as to general usage of RL.
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(In reply to Justin Dolske [:Dolske] from comment #9)
> Not important for v1 since we can get data from the server as to general
> usage of RL.

I assume that this won't give us an indication of how often people use reader view (click the book), right? That would definitely be an interesting number to collect in V1.
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Closing some old readinglist bugs.
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