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Meta-bug to cover number blacklist functionality in gaia.

As a rough sketch this should involve the following:

- Implementing a shared datastore that will hold the blacklist

- Designing the necessary UX flows to add numbers to the list, possibly from the call log, contacts as messages app

- Implementing both the blocking functionality and the user-interface bits in both the communications and SMS app, the more we can share the better

- Consider other use cases such as removing numbers from the list or more complex list management. Not sure where it would be best for this to happen, maybe in the contacts app?
Hi Gabriele,

>Designing the necessary UX flows to add numbers to the list, possibly from the call log, contacts as >messages app

I think it would be better if we reach the blacklist panel through call logs because we may provide a option for the user to directly add a contact which is in call log to blacklist.By this user doesn't need go to blacklist panel and manually type contact number to add it blacklist.The user may directly select the contact in the call log and choose the option as "add to blacklist" from the same screen.

Thank you :)
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Let's ask UX once we're ready to add new features to the system. Now is not really a good moment for this :)
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(In reply to Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] from comment #2)
> Let's ask UX once we're ready to add new features to the system. Now is not
> really a good moment for this :)

Vishnu is doing this as a GSoC project which will begin soon, and as such, now is as good a time as any. I figure this can go into v3.0 if it's something that we generally want.

Wilfred, is this something we want? Vishnu will be doing this alone with mentorship from me and review support from the Messages, as well as possibly the Contacts, teams.

Vishnu, as we discussed on IRC, we need some mocks from you.
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We do not need this urgently - we need this at some point and I think we should work with UX to define the implementation before we work on it.

UX will be back following Chinese new year and we can then work with them on getting a definition for this feature. Not clearing the flag on me so i followup with UX next week.
Hi all,

Here are some mockups for blacklist panel.Please ignore the scroll bar, size of the image and other elements in some pics.I couldn't crop the images to correct size or remove extra elements as they are done in mulet.

Thank you :)
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Attachment #8565725 - Flags: feedback?(drs.bugzilla)
Here it is in PDF.
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Comment on attachment 8565730 [details]

This is actually pretty good, and I think it would be a good starting point for UX. One note here though is that this may be very similar to AOSP's call blacklist implementation.

Vishnu, would you give a comparison of this mock and AOSP's existing implementation?
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Douglas, We have good difference b/w AOSP and this mockups.Though I will give a comparison b/w them.

Thank you :)
Posted file diff AOSP-FXOS.pdf
Hi Douglas,

I don't think those many panels are needed as they used in AOSP.Please inform me if we need more mockups.

Thank you.
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diff AOSP-FXOS.pdf

Good analysis. Looks different enough to me. Next steps are basically to wait for product and UX feedback.
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I Suppose there will be need of datastore for this which isn't ready yet. If we have datastore in gaia, it will be very useful in sms and contact etc.
Apart from UX part, how to deal with datastore. If datastore part is ready, then please give some reference (codes), so that i can implement this to other features.

Hi rishav,

Yeah, we use dataStore for storing blacklist contacts.I think we already have two apps on it as mentioned in mdn.

https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Data_Store_API/Using_the_Data_Store_API .

Thanks :)
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Thanks vishnu for link.
Any Gaia apps (code link) which is using datastore currently?
(In reply to kumar rishav (:rishav_) from comment #13)
> Thanks vishnu for link.
> Any Gaia apps (code link) which is using datastore currently?

I think contacts uses datastore actually. 

https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/gaia/blob/master/shared/js/contacts/contacts_datastore.js .
Serveral apps are using datastore already; facebook contacts are stored in a datastore, bookmarks too, browsing history as well, and likely others.
Hi all, 

Can we ni our UX team regarding this bug now?

Thank you. :)
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Wilfred is on this.
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have not heard much from Mike - so NI Carrie; Carrie this is not for 2.2 but it would be good if we can provide some UX guidance for development of this feature.
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Note that the contributor Vishnu would like to work on this as part of Google Summer of Code.

I can help on the spec, but I wonder since now it's not part of GSoC anymore, shall we just start it now? or can we wait till we have more clear thoughts on V3? Thanks!
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