Command-Option-R shortcut is used by both the reading list sidebar and Restartless Restart



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This is slowing down my development workflow as I've been using the extension for years to restart firefox after `mach build foo…` and now the shortcut doesn't work anymore. Can we pick a different shortcut or modifiers?

I would suggest Ctrl+Shift+L for Reading *L*ist.

In principle, anything Ctrl+Alt or (Command+Option in Mac) carries a very system-related impression. I find it very counter-intuitive that this keyset triggers a feature as specific as this. I expect anything with a shortcut like this to affect *at least* the whole firefox window/process in a way; as it is the case for restarting it, something very global. I definitely wouldn't expect it to just open a sidebar unless I specifically set it like that.

In practice, as MattN mentioned, Restartless Restart [1] has existed for years specifically to use that keyset to restart firefox. But it's not the only one: Restart [2] and Restart Manager [3] also default to that keyset, although in those the shortcut's customizable. I'm sure there are others, such as Add-ons Manager Dialog Returns [4] which I haven't even tried so I don't know if it's still valid or not. Even if Firefox doesn't have itself the restart function attached to the keyset, I think it should leave it open for the add-ons that do use it.

(Anti-)bonus: mistyping Ctrl+Alt+R with Ctrl+R reloads the page, which can be annoying considering the trade-off of not opening a sidebar with reloading a tab and wait for it to reload if you needed it, and maybe sometimes losing page data in that process? It's not as a hindrance when you want to restart the browser because you can just press the correct keyset again if the tab is still reloading; the tab reloading would be implied from the initial intention anyway. Mistyping Ctrl+Shift+L with Ctrl+L just focuses the location bar, hardly any harm at all there I think.

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Michael: Blair says you weren't thrilled with the current shortcut. Suggestions? (Although choices are likely limited, most shortcuts are already used for one thing or another. Not sure there's a clearly-better solution here.)
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4 years ago
See Also: → bug 1148462
"Fixed" by bug 1184005.
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