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[ladybug] v1 offline bug filing


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I think we are missing one major part from the UX flow for ladybug, its very common to hit bugs while offline and currently the user will lose those logs.

I think we should have a homescreen icon that when pressed opens the 'create bug page', if the data has been filled in but not submitted (as the user couldnt due to being offline) then the previous data is maintained and the user can revisit the page and submit the bug while offline
Amy, what do you think about this for v1?
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(In reply to Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) from comment #1)
> Amy, what do you think about this for v1?

Hi Dale, 

This is doable. We'll need to include UX for this one. Flagging Jacqueline for input.
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I agree that this sounds like a good proposal, I think overall having the icon on the homescreen is a good idea and having it save your latest submission info is a bonus. 

I think there might be ways to improve the saving for offline flow to accommodate for more than one bug saved offline, but for V1 I think that this works.
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