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Change activity name triggered for sharing bugs


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2.2 S9 (3apr)


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This was previously changed in, however it now brings up a generic 'share' activity which on my device has twitter, facebook, messages, bluetooth, telegram, wallpaper.

Only email and bugzilla lite are realistically going to be useful, we can either change the activity type or create a new name
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Ok, you're not changing the name, just the types. I think we could also include bluetooth at least, because I already saw myself wanting to pass along data this way for a lot of good reasons.
Yeh bluetooth picks this up as well
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r+ for the email change, with a suggestion for the media type: probably better to scope it more than just a generic sounding top-level name? Looking here:

Maybe "text/vnd.moz-systemlog"? r+ for any scoping change for email app purposes. Otherwise, I will assume you have already done the background work for the media type value and this was the result.
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Agreed over IRC to switch to application/vnd.moz-systemlog

Landed in gaia in
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PR for bzlite

Looks good. I left one mostly tangential comment on the PR.
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Awesome thanks, agree with the version change although I actually misunderstood, I didnt realise the version was completely unused in the manifest. I thought we may have done some type of version check so we could do updates to the activities etc.

As far as I understand without it going through the marketplace users will never see this change and bzlite would be broken until it was uninstalled (which is lucky since only Alexandre and I are users). Going to check up on that

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Given the convention we're using for sharing stuff across various apps, you actually want to be using application/*, not a specific MIME type.
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Clearing weird f? I requested by accident
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