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[meta] Show Firefox Account profile information (avatar/username) throughout Fennec


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This is a meta ticket to track where we could personalize Fennec by displaying your FxA avatar and username throughout the application.  antlam liked the term humanize.

Bug 1055264 will likely split into showing avatars in the Status Activity and then showing avatars in Remote Tabs.  (There's a good deal of backend work needed to maintain the profile information over time, some of it dependent on service endpoint work.)  Bug 1007414 is similar.
Summary: Show Firefox Account profile information (avatar/username) throughout Fennec → [meta] Show Firefox Account profile information (avatar/username) throughout Fennec
Depends on: 1171137
Depends on: 1171141
Depends on: 1178378
@Nick: can you please priorities the bugs.
Flags: needinfo?(nalexander)
Depends on: 1192004
(In reply to Vivek Balakrishnan[:vivek] from comment #1)
> @Nick: can you please priorities the bugs.

This happened somewhat organically.  The remaining tickets will land shortly (Bug 1178378) or require UX.  We might unblock them (or just WONTFIX them) and call this done.
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vivek: actually, are we doing sensible things with the profile display name?  Can you file a ticket to show the display name if we're not already doing so?
Flags: needinfo?(vivekb.balakrishnan)
Depends on: 1207307
@Nick: This was a small change that I landed as part of bug 1178378
Flags: needinfo?(vivekb.balakrishnan)
Priority: -- → P3
Product: Android Background Services → Firefox for Android
Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
Priority: P3 → P5
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Closed: 2 years ago
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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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