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[meta] Integrate Pocket and other "save it for later" type Apps into Firefox for Android


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(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This ticket tracks brainstorming and tracking things we could do to integrate Pocket (and potentially other "save it for later" type Apps) into Firefox for Android.

Lots to play with here!

* Exposing a Pocket ("save it for later") button, like the "Add to Reading List" button
* Giving the Pocket Share action special treatment
* Adding a Pocket tile to aid discovery
* Integrating the Pocket home panel (
* Syncing against Pocket in the Firefox Reading List panel
* Make it easier to log in to the Pocket (any third-party Firefox Account-backed web property) from within Firefox (Bug 1158869, possibly using X-Auto-Login from Bug 1093580)
* Make it possible to authenticate the Pocket native App (any third party Firefox Account-backed App) against an on-device Firefox Account (Bug 1158875)
rfkelly: our identity-attached service story would be so much stronger if your Firefox Account knew and managed that you were using Pocket (third party service).  We could, for example, emphasize Pocket when you connected Firefox to Android (and Desktop, and iOS, I guess) when your FxA has issued a Pocket OAuth token already.  Can you fill in any tickets tracking this service managing work?
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I don't have concrete bugs for this right now; leaving ni? myself to ensure I revisit this shortly.
Depends on: 1159961
QA Contact: teodora.vermesan
> leaving ni? myself to ensure I revisit this shortly.

That didn't really work out, and I think enough time as passed that we probably need to revisit this question at a holistic product level, so I'm clearing the ni? for me.
Flags: needinfo?(rfkelly)
Keywords: meta
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