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Improve location bar and toolbar scrolling


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We currently scroll the location- and toolbar away when you scroll the web view content. I think we want this to be on-parity with Safari. So that it behaves and feels the same way. It currently does not in subtle ways.

Couple of notes:

* When we switch tabs, we should show the toolbars again
* When reading view is enabled, there is an additional view under the location bar with reading view settings. This view should also animate away as documented in
* On iPad there is no bottom toolbar

It would also be really nice to have an API to show/hide the toolbars so that we can trigger it programmaticaly. For example when we open a page in Reading Mode, we should trigger the toolbars to go away.
Darrin, can you maybe add some more hints from a UX perspective?
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> * When we switch tabs, we should show the toolbars again
We already do this... does it not work?

> * On iPad there is no bottom toolbar
Portrait as well. We already do this...

We also already have an API for showing and hiding these in BrowserViewController (i.e. hideToolbars/showToolbars).
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Duplicate of this bug: 1148408
I think aiming for safari/Facebook iOS parity is a good start. I can answer specific questions as they come up. I noticed the animation for 'snapping' is still pretty slow too.
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Left comments on Github. Eventually I'd probably want to clean up the state that's being tracked in this VC since it feels a bit unwieldy. 

Also, Darrin mentioned some additional behavior where when the user is making small scroll adjustments upwards, the toolbars don't fade in right away. I haven't included that yet in this patch
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Looking good to me. Left some questions/comments in the PR.
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LGTM, with some minor cleanup suggestions in the PR.
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I see the back/forward/etc buttons not entirely faded out in the iPad simulator. Follow up?
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