silent timeout; URL gives about:newtab or about:blank, which cannot be reloaded




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Steps to reproduce:

Paste in the address bar. Note: the machine currently doesn't answer to ping; in the future, this URL should be changed to one with a similar problem.

Actual results:

After some time, the page loading stops. "View Page Info" says about:newtab (with the default profile, but it can also be about:blank if one has changed new tab configuration to that), and the page is not reloadable (to retry the connection). When Firefox is restarted, the tab is missing.

Expected results:

One should get a "Problem loading page" error message with a "Try again" button and the right URL in "View Page Info", like when the server is not found, e.g.

Comment 1

2 years ago

At the URL

Chromium eventually gives the message 'This web page is not available | ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT' with the option to 'Reload'.

If you paste the URL into the address bar, Firefox (after a long time) ignores it and writes the current URL back in the address bar. If you open the link in a new tab[1], Firefox gives you an empty tab as described by OP.

[1] eg from

Comment 2

2 years ago
Seeing similar behaviour in current beta/dev/nightly
Assignee: nobody → mcmanus
Whiteboard: [necko-active]
Duplicate of this bug: 1214042
Assignee: mcmanus → nobody
Whiteboard: [necko-active] → [necko-next]

Comment 4

a year ago

I'm not sure it's the related issue or not, so i posted here.

If you right click on a timeout link like ""(got rare case it did shows) OR "", then select "Open Link in New Window" OR "Open Link in Private Window", it will:

[1] Open the window with blank url bar.
[2] You can't refresh by F5.
[3] The bookmark can be star once, then become grey, and if you check in bookmark manager nothing actually bookmark. 

The expected behavior should shows URL, otherwise i have no idea which URL cause it(in case i clicked a lot of links).

Comment 5

a year ago

I also found if the click bookmarked URL from "Recently Bookmarked" OR "Library", if the URL timeout, then it will displays blank URL bar too.
I also see this from time to time. When a page doesn't load properly, the URL isn't kept in the URL bar, and you can't refresh the page. I think we should handle this somewhere in the UI code.
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Product: Core → Firefox
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