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View Pocket List from Bookmarks toolbar icon opens Log In page in Private Browsing mode


(Firefox :: Pocket, defect, P3)

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Tracking Status
firefox38.0.5 --- wontfix
firefox39 --- wontfix


(Reporter: phorea, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Reproducible with Firefox 38.0.5 beta 3, latest Aurora 40.0a2 (2015-05-18) and latest Nightly 41.0a1 (2015-05-18) under all platforms.

User is signed into Pocket
Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Firefox and open a New Private Window
2. Open a website that's currently not saved to Pocket and click the Pocket button from the toolbar.
3. From the Bookmarks icon from toolbar, click "View Pocket List" 

Expected results:
The user is redirected to Pocket's "My List" page in normal browsing window

Actual results:
The user is redirected to Pocket Log In page

Note: When choosing the option "View Pocket List" from Bookmarks menu, the user is correctly redirected to Pocket List in normal window
This seems to be regressed by bug 1160407.
Depends on: 1166717
Appears we only fixed the one menuitem. Need to fix the menuitem for the bookmarks button, and maybe the subview version too (ala bug 1163655).
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: 1168408
Severity: normal → S3

This issue no longer occurs in latest Firefox versions, user is correctly redirected to normal window in this scenario, so I'm closing it as RWFM.

Closed: 4 months ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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