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Last markers are hidden under the scrollbar in waterfall view on Linux


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1. Go to and press start.
2. Open performance tool.
3. Start recording.
4. Wait a while and then stop recording.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the waterfall view.

Expected results: Even the last markers are visible in the waterfall view.
Actual results: The last markers are hidden under the scrollbar. See the attached screenshot.

Tested on an fx-team build from rev e88fd1006b84.
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Triaging. Filter on ADRENOCORTICOTROPIC (yes).
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I am new to open source. I followed STR but this slows down the computer a lot. Which I checked the performance, I saw firefox taking 100% of CPU. Is this caused by using CPU(not GPU) for animation?
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Hey there! It might be a good idea to wait until
Depends on: 1152441
Hey there! It might be a good idea to wait until Bug 1152441 gets resolved, which recreates the view for the waterfall using a React component. It only renders the markers in view, so it should be a lot lot faster than what we currently have. It would still be great to verify that this bug still exists or not after Bug 1152441 lands.
As Greg mentioned the slowdown is caused by rendering everything at once which causes a lot of allocations etc. You don't need to get that many events to test this - just enough that the scrollbar is visible. So try doing a shorter recording and then check the bug.
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