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Folder message retention policy ignored


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Steps to reproduce:

In an email account (not a newsgroup):
- Selected the Trash folder's Properties
- Selected Retention Policy
- Selected "Delete all but the most recent" XXX "messages"
- Set XXX to 100

Actual results:

Nothing changed. The messages accumulate in the Trash folder exceeding the limit of 100. At one point there were 6000 messages in the folder. TB had been opened and closed a number of times since changing the policy.

Expected results:

The number of message should have been trimmed to a count of 100.
I cannot reproduce this with a current nightly build on windows
Just checked the Trash folder in that account: 116 messages.
OS: Unspecified → Linux
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
But it still has the rentention policy you set?
Yes. And the count is now 459.

I have changed the Policy to delete messages more than 1 (one) day old, time based instead of count.
The time-based policy works. Messages older than 1 day are erased.
I was wrong: The time-based policy also does NOT work. 

I have it set to delete messages more than 1 day old. I checked today and message from 5 days ago were still there. :-(
Jim, any of describe your issue ?
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After browsing the list of reports, #647493, #1087454 seem most like this report.

I had not considered that the folder was being reloaded at startup with the supposedly deleted messages. That could be the case as well.
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However, that does not seem to be the case. The only messages that accumulate in Trash are those that are moved there since the last time Trash was emptied.

The Trash folder has the Retention set for 1 day. Messages are never removed.
Do you still see this when using version 52 or newer?
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Whiteboard: [closeme 2018-03-15]
I do not know. I have been manually deleting the Trash folder. I will let that go for a few days and report the results later.

The odd thing is, it appears to affect only this one account. Removing X day old message from the Trash works as expected in other account folders.
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I forgot to mention;
Thunderbird v52.6.0 (64-bit)
I have the Retention Policy set for 1 day. After 3 days no messages were removed from the Trash folder of the account.
Just set a retention policy on an IMAP folder where there are messages dating back to 2015.  Set retention for 60 days. Nothing deleted.  Set for 30 days, nothing.  Set back to 60, still nothing.

When is retention supposed to trigger?  If immediately, I'm experiencing this bug too.

Win 10 Pro 64b, TB 52.8.0 32b
Just to add, restarting TB, compact folder, repair folder all - tried all, did nothing.
Whiteboard: [closeme 2018-03-15]
Severity: normal → S3
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