Changes needed for Building SeaMonkey 2.35 with Chatzilla

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(Reporter: philip.chee, Assigned: rginda)



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3 years ago
> Contract ID ';1?type=chat' was registered as a command line handler for entry 'm-irc', but could not be created.
Suggested Fix: Build from c65366e47dd2 (Bug 1148242 Build chatzilla-service.js again)
Note: Cannot build from a newer changeset due to incompatible build system changes.

Problem: Version on AMO is ""
Suggested Fix: use a relbranch off c65366e47dd2 and create a synthetic version ""

Gijs: is this acceptable to Chatzilla owners?
I don't understand the problem. Please provide more context?
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3 years ago
(In reply to :Gijs Kruitbosch from comment #1)
> I don't understand the problem. Please provide more context?
We are preparing to release SeaMonkey 2.35 which will ship with Chatzilla, DOMi. The build system changes to Chatzilla that work on comm-central/mozilla-central break when trying to build on comm/mozilla-release Chatzilla as part of SeaMonkey 2.35. I would like to build Chatzilla on changeset c65366e47dd2.

Optionally I'd like to set the version number to so that it doesn't get "updated" to on AMO which doesn't have the fix for Bug 1148242. This isn't crucial - nobody seems to have noticed that missing but it would be nice to have at least until a newer version of Chatzilla gets uploaded to AMO.
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3 years ago
What are you currently building instead of c65366e47dd2? I'm happy for you to use whatever is good for you between the latest tagged release and tip, including latest tagged release with cherry picked build fixes. If rolling a new CZ release from tip would be helpful, let me know.
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