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Provide more meaningful/helpful message about MSE errors in the web console


(Core :: Audio/Video: Playback, defect, P5)




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firefox42 --- affected


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The error messages we provide whenever an MSE exception or error occurs is less than useful.

It's only made of the exception name like: DOM_QUOTA_EXCEEDED or DOM_INVALID_STATE_ERR.

Any errors related to parsing data, impossibility to demux, invalid timestamp, or whatelse fall into the DOM_INVALID_STATE_ERR error.

Chrome provides a very nice extension in that not only it gives the exception error code, but also full explanation of what went wrong.

It's a very valuable tool for the web developer.

At the very least, we could provide more detailed information about errors we know (and we know it all).
A lot of the DASH streams that have been reported as not playing with Firefox turned out to be badly muxed file. Getting that information back to the web developer would be very beneficial for everybody.
Them because they would know, and us because we wouldn't spend valuable times analysing the problem.
Priority: -- → P5
Depends on: 1178632
Blocks: 1178632
No longer depends on: 1178632
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