Promote "Record Allocations" options to no longer experimental option

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The patch itself is fine, ofc, but some questions:

* Do we have to do anything to remove the Nightly-only restriction? (Does that restriction still exist? Do we want to lift it now as well?)

* Should we wait until we have the byte size columns? (Not sure we have a bug for this, maybe bug 1144423? Bug 1068988 was what added the platform support.)

* Are we ready to commit backwards compat support to old servers that don't have byte sizes (eg the current server) in the future? I'd think that removing the experimental flag signals that this server will be supported in the future.
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This experimental flag is the nightly-only restriction (the option still exists, just the UI is hidden in non-nightly for any experimental options).

Uplift is on Monday -- unfortunately bug 1172180 took up most of my life for the release, and unsure if this release can be the "allocations" release that we wanted, or if we should clean it up and make it solid for Fx43, along with JIT Coach. What do you think are all the features needed for this to be "released"? Meta bug at bug 1160812 for tracking allocations things.

It is cutting it uncomfortably close, IMO
I think the absolute minimum is bytes/percents in bug 1144423 and removing the existing/broken flame graph in bug 1148663.

Also the button to select the relevant time range in bug 1153477.

I'd also really like to see a graph like in bug 1148836, but I think we need to talk about it some more (today?).
No longer blocks: perf-tools-fx42
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Reverting based on discussion in bug 1144423
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Not doing this for Fx43
No longer blocks: perf-tools-fx43
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11 months ago
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