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Disable addon signing via comm-central mozconfigs


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bug 1186522 will add add-on signing to mozconfig.common, but we want to disable it. We need to do this in some file that includes build/mozconfig.common, right now this is each platform mozconfig.

I think we could solve this by creating mail/configs/mozconfigs/mozconfig.common, which includes /build/mozconfig.common and then can be included from our platform specific mozconfigs. This would also allow us to add things like --enable-calendar there.

Maybe there are other options though. jcranmer?
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We basically can't touch anything in build/*, since that's effectively identical to mozilla-central (mozconfigs are REALLY wonky) there. Making a common mail mozconfig base might be a good idea.
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I've been wondering about this.

Say we get the nightly from mail/config/mozconfigs/*platform*.

It's my understanding that |. mail/configs/mozconfigs/mozconfig.common| won't
work with our current build config (and probably by extension, relative
paths won't work as well).

so would it make sense to have some sort of fixed topsrcdir set? (kinda
cheating I know:  i.e.   if "mozilla" in topsrcdir,  use relative paths 
(../mail/...)  otherwise, use the actual path  i.e. mail/...
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ewong, yes, there needs to be some changes to the mozconfigs to make it work like you suggested. I've done this in bug 1195468. This patch requires all dependent bugs to be applied/pushed.

I hope disabling everything is the right way to go about it. Maybe that will have the nice side-effect of fixing tests that fail because of addon-signing being enabled.
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This is needed prior to a beta release IIUC
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As we aren't doing the whole common mozconfig dance now, here is a patch that adds it to all mozconfigs. I've added it after including mozconfig.common because that is what jlund is doing in attachment 8656163 [details] [diff] [review].
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No longer depends on: 1195143, 1195462, 1195468
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