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Please install Git on Windows testers


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Windows 7
Not set


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It can also be a win8 machine if preferred.

I need to find the path to git.exe
If I just tell you git isn't installed on our Windows testers, does that make it easier?

Git is only available on our Windows builders so far at C:\mozilla-build\Git\bin\
Anyone that could help install it?

I can keep Firefox UI updates on Windows builders if need be.
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Component: Loan Requests → Platform Support
Summary: Slave loan request for a t-w732-ix machine → Please install Git on Win7 and Win8
Unless there's any specific reason *not* to install it on XP, let's make sure it's available there too.
Summary: Please install Git on Win7 and Win8 → Please install Git on Windows testers
:markco indicated that the existing GPO should install on the testers with minimal change.
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Hi markco, this might become a very high priority soon since the Firefox update tests have become broken after some funsize changes which I don't believe will be reverted.
We would like to run Firefox UI tests on test machines and this is currently our only known blocker.
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Could you please give us an ETA? Thanks
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I plan on looking at this and testing the install Monday, so hopefully the deployment will follow shortly after.
The GPO is ready to cover the 3 tester platforms. Do we want to do test pools, or do we just want to push it?
We don't use Git anywhere so it should be safe.
Would you like me to look at the patch?
What is the path it is installing into?
We don't use Git anywhere *on the testers*. I can't answer about the build machines.
No patch currently. this done through Group Policy. 

The installation path is "C:\mozilla-build\git".  Which is where we are currently installing git on the builders.
Yes, let's go ahead and deploy. That works. Thank you very much Mark!

If possible, for future Windows works, could we choose a path different to C:\mozilla-build? (for non-mozilla-build tools)
I recommend it that since mozilla-build upgrades overwrite the current installation which would make mozilla-build upgrades a bit more involved (I think - I'm not 100% sure).
I have updated the Windows tester OUs. The machines should be picking up Git shortly. 

Mozilla-build will overwrite the individual directories it is installing. However, currently because of hand full of reasons, we are not updating the mozilla-build as whole package.
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