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Starting on Aug 12th a full revision id is used for Nightly builds (FTP, Pulse)


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Starting today the revision id of the status file of Nightly builds does no longer contain a 12 char sha but a full sha. This might break certain automation systems e.g. our firefox ui tests, which rely on a short sha.

Not sure if this change is wanted or not. It's at least not present for Aurora.
This was introduced by bug 1192068.
See Also: → 1192068
So this change definitely will somewhat break automation systems when interacting with treeherder and which do not shorten the rev id to 12 char. Maybe if that is the permanent solution now we should also make that the default for treeherder, or at least let it support. CC'ing some Treeherder folks.
Depends on: 1194801
So this is not only for FTP but also for Pulse which is why that many consumers are broken now.
Blocks: 1192068
Keywords: regression
Summary: Starting on Aug 12th a full revision sha is listed in the status file on the FTP server → Starting on Aug 12th a full revision id is used for Nightly builds (FTP, Pulse)
See Also: → 1194908
Depends on: 1199618
I think the fallout from this is all fixed now?
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: General Automation → General
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