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[meta] WKWebView instance for private browsing should not save any sensitive data


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(Reporter: sleroux, Assigned: sleroux)


(Depends on 1 open bug, Blocks 1 open bug)


When using the WKWebView instance for private browsing, the following should not be saved:

  - Visited pages (URLs)
  - Form data (including usernames and passwords)
  - Search entries
  - Cookies
  - Temporary Internet files (cached files)

Starting in iOS 9, we have access to the web view's data storage and with the introduction of a new class named WKWebsiteDataStore, we can now swap the default with a non-persistant version:

We should investigate using this and see if it provides all of the functionality we're looking for.
Related: Alamofire ephemeral.

217:        let configuration = NSURLSessionConfiguration.ephemeralSessionConfiguration()

We should use that if we need to make fetches in non-WebKit code.
Blocks: 1202816
No longer blocks: 1202816
Assignee: nobody → sleroux
Some notes:

- Visited pages (URLs)

Now that we no longer save a url to history when you navigate (, autocomplete/search suggestions no longer will populate with previously searched/navigated to items.

- Search entries
See comment above about visited URLs

- Cookies
Seems that using the non-persistent WKWebViewDataStore prevents cookies from being stored. I tried to navigate to in a regular tab and NSHTTPCookieStorage returned 1 cookie where as a private tab returns no cookies.

- Temporary Internet files (cached files)
WKWebViewDataStore is built to save any of these cached files to memory instead of disk which results in the WebDB/LocalStorage/IndexedDB folders on disk to not contain any entries for private tabs.

- Form data (including usernames and passwords)

The password manager and autofill logic we have is in our own control. Do we want to still ask the user to save their logins while in private mode? <- Darrin

Some other things to consider:

- Network requests we make external to the web content such as favicons
Is there anything else anyone can think of that we are hitting?
Flags: needinfo?(dhenein)
Discussed offline, private tabs should not offer to save any personal data.
Flags: needinfo?(dhenein)
- UIPasteboard?
- In-progress video/audio via media center
- Private tabs should not be synced or appear in sync panel
Depends on: 1204531
Depends on: 1204536
Depends on: 1204539
Depends on: 1204541
Depends on: 1204542
Depends on: 1204545
Since this bug encompasses a bunch of other ones, I'm promoting this one to a meta bug.
Summary: WKWebView instance for private browsing should not save any sensitive data → [meta] WKWebView instance for private browsing should not save any sensitive data
Closed: 8 years ago
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