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Experiment: Remove the search term "suggestion" from the search suggestion list


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On the awesomescreen search, the first search suggestion offered to the user is actually what they have typed in the urlbar, not a new or different suggestion.

On phones space is tight, and this redundant. We know it gets decent telemetry coverage, but do we want to use this space to display an actual new result?
Let's experiment with this. I'm particularly just worried about the case where a user has max suggestions and max history... then taking up 50% of suggestions for "what they've typed" doesn't really seem as valuable. Rather, we could use that space to show another suggestion.
the comment in comment 2 provides kat's rationale for using this pill.
Moving to block v2 for now
Blocks: awesomescreen-search
No longer blocks: awesomescreen-v1
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