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[meta] Unify Fennec look and feel across Android versions




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Sebastian made a post to mobile-firefox-dev [1] that we should ship the same UI to all Android versions, one reason (I feel is important) being it'd reduce the developer burden of maintaining multiple configurations for the same UI.

Let's do it.

[1]: https://mail.mozilla.org/pipermail/mobile-firefox-dev/2015-September/001460.html
Alias: unified-fennec-UI → fennec-unified-ui
No coding should be started here until we have a plan from Product and UX.
I think this is a valuable engineering project, and Sebastian has been starting to think about how to break this down into incremental chunks (e.g. bug 1209967).

Barbara, can we make an Aha card to track this? I believe Anthony is on board with this concept (especially since it would make it easier for developers to modernize our UI for newer versions of Android :)
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Big fan of simplifying things. 

Aha card created.

However, do we know how other apps (and browser apps) handle this issue?
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(In reply to Barbara Bermes [:barbara] from comment #3)
> However, do we know how other apps (and browser apps) handle this issue?

Sebastian's mobile-firefox-dev post (link in comment 0) points out that most other apps ship a single version of the UI, which is what we'd like to do here.

In particular, our GB support can take a lot of work and we sometimes neglect issues with the UI in order to focus on other things, creating a less-polished GB product. Unifying the UI would give us many of these fixes for free. Notably, many other apps (e.g. Chrome) don't ship a GB product.
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