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Update pdf.js to version 1.1.469


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Firefox 43
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Changes since last update:
#6362 Add `disableStream` to the list of preferences read by `PDFViewerApplication.initialize` (issue 6361)
#6369 Add locatization notes for the DocumentProperties strings with parameters
#6358 Don't catch `MissingDataException` in `Parser_tryShift`
#6242 Allow outline to be collapsed / shown via +/-.
#6388 Use the Retina assets for `outlineItemToggler` when in HiDPI mode
#6390 Switch `expanded/collapsed` in the names of the `treeitem-*` assets
#6395 Fix typo in `test_manifest.json` that prevents test-case `issue1419.pdf` from running
#6401 Add a unit-test for skipping `paintXObject` if `Subtype === PS` (PR 4861)
#6386 Add a warning when we encounter an empty stream in `Parser_makeFilter`
#6404 Add unit-tests for Linearization dictionary parsing (PR 5023 follow-up)
#6403 Add a reduced test-case for issue 6113
#6399 Slightly improved test coverage for vertical text
#6402 Set TZ=UTC before calls to zip
#6405 Add a (linked) `load` test for PR 4731
#6357 Avoid more allocations for RTL text in bidi.js
#6417 Add (linked) `load` tests for PR 1976 and 4606
#6414 Ensure that the clipping path is reset when the state is restored (issue 6413)
#6407 Fallback in `readCmapTable`, instead of using `error`, for TrueType fonts with unsupported cmap formats (bug 1200096)
#6421 Adjust the `min-width` of outline items and use more consistent `border-radius` (PR 6242 follow-up)
#6423 Add mirrored triangle (TOC item icon)
#6425 Only choose a (3, 1) cmap table for TrueType fonts that have an encoding specified (issue 6410)
#6431 Add a utility function, for the viewer, that removes `null` (\x00) characters (issue 6416)
#6433 Add unit-tests for `stringToPDFString`
#6420 Add a reduced test-case for PR 4922
#6427 Make `get fingerprint` slightly more robust against corrupt PDF files
#6299 Convert canvas thumbnails to PNG
#6441 Misc. follow-up fixes to PR 6299 (Convert canvas thumbnails to PNG)
#6443 Don't show thumbnails until the `canvas` to `image` conversion is done (issue 6442)
#6447 Add unit-tests for `removeNullCharacters` (PR 6431 follow-up)
#6435 Replace the unavailable linked test-case for issue 3205 with a reduced test-case
#6391 Fix text spacing with vertical fonts (#6387)
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