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Addon names and description displayed in foreign languages


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Steps to reproduce:

Open the page

with a browser localized in Italian (Firefox, but even Internet Explorer). The link becomes

Actual results:

The addon name and description are not diplayed in English (it is Chinese, I guess).

The only way to see what this addon actually does and its English name is to write the link with the en-us notation:

Expected results:

I expect all the addons names, descriptions, etc. are displayed in English - if a page localized in the browser language doesn't exist.

Thanks for your attention.
That's because Chinese (zh-CN)is set as the default. If I remember correct, a similar requests has been closed in the past as wontfix.
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Excuse me, is there any plan to look at this bug? There are several addons with this problem, like

I simply wish to know what is the purpose of addons listed in the official Mozilla addons website.

Not that I agree with the decision, but this bug is a duplicate of bug 718441 (which was WONTFIXED).
In particular, the add-on in comment #2 only has Russian strings and apparently had to do something with tracking local shipments (I got that from an auto-translator). Forcing developers to translate add-ons beyond their abilities, or in cases where it doesn't even makes sense, would only alienate some of them and bring little benefit to end users.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 718441
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