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Create KB page for Tracking Protection on FxOS


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blocking-b2g 2.5+


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User Story

Feature mostly works the same as desktop/fennec. Deltas are:
- TP works for both private and non-private windows
- We do not offer the same UI in control panel due to scope for this release

IxD spec:
Visual spec:
Tracking Protection is coming to FxOS!
We just had a scope reduction this AM so Katie and Eric will post spec links when updated. Thanks!
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User Story: (updated)
User Story: (updated)
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Assignee: nobody → jsavage
Hi, I've added a link to visual spec.
User Story: (updated)
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[Blocking Requested - why for this release]: We need a place for our "Learn More" in device settings to go.
blocking-b2g: --- → 2.5?

Can you please see where this bug should exactly go to and how this can be tracked?

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I handle MDN content; does TP in FxOS need anything specific on our side? I'm under the impression it is a user feature, controlled via the UI, so doesn't really need much in the way of developer content. One place we would of course mention it is the FxOS 2.5 release notes:

Let me know if there is anything else you require.

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Perhaps I've used incorrect language somewhere and I'm apologize for that and leading anyone astray. This is the first time I've had the need to request a new page. 

In our UI we show a Learn More link in a couple of places for users to tap on and, well, learn more about the feature. 

Desktop tracking protection points here, for example:

We're looking for our own page that would outline the nuances on fxos, there are a number. Currently our Learn More links are going here, but aren't very helpful:

Thanks and hopefully that makes what we're looking for more clear.
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Sorry, I hadn't caught up on my bugmail. Thanks for flagging this, Lindsay.

I'm the content manager for SUMO and we can definitely get a dedicated tracking protection page ready for Firefox OS

Here's the link you can use in product:   (just replace the version/os/locale tuple.)

The link above will redirect to this page: We'll need this in November, right? Same behavior as TP on desktop and Fx for Android? We'll have the article ready in a week or less.
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Changing NI to Wilfred for him to set if this should block 2.5
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i would leave it to block the release- this is part of the overall experience we need to offer to users - we can not do this "later".
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Thanks Wilfred.

Blocking 2.5 with P1 priority as its a must have from Product perspective.
blocking-b2g: 2.5? → 2.5+
Priority: -- → P1
The first draft is now live on that page:, but please use the in-product link from comment #7. This will prevent us from breaking links in case article URL need to change.

If you have any suggestions, please drop some comments or edits here if it's easier:
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Thanks Joni! This looks good. I've added a comment in the draft, as some features have been 'de-scoped' for 2.5 Release. No icons will be added the address bar (for now). Clearing Tif's NI.
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Just had to get feedback on some messaging with Legal. The article has been reviewed and published now. It will be localized in time for the release. Closing this bug, but feel free to reopen if we need to do anything else.
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Just noting that I asked Joni to add the following to the callout on the support page:

> Learn more about the lists used by Firefox OS for Tracking Protection.

"Learn more" links to so that users can see a copy of the GPL list(s) used for Tracking Protection.
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