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[Meta] Tracking Protection


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feature-b2g 2.5+


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User Story

As a user I want the ability not to be visiting sites that track my movement so that i can safely browse the web without being tracked.

AC: blacklist same as desktop

MVP spec for 2.5

Full Specs (out of scope for 2.5)

There are three parts to the Tracking Protection (TP) feature:

1) Browser FTE PopUp that tells the user about the new feature
   IxD spec:

2) The TP toggle in Control Center that is session based
   (WIP) IxD spec:
   (WIP) Visual spec:

3) The Default Setting (from #1 FTE PopUp) in Settings -> Browser Privacy
   IxD spec:
No description provided.
User Story: (updated)
feature-b2g: --- → 2.5+
Assignee: nobody → kgrandon
User Story: (updated)
User Story: (updated)
Whiteboard: systemsfe
can the google doc specs be opened?  having trouble getting to those.
Is this tracking protection? If so, those specs are not the correct specs.
See comment 2
Flags: needinfo?(wmathanaraj)
Assignee: kevingrandon → nobody
Depends on: 1204385
Updated all the spec links in the user story.
User Story: (updated)
User Story: (updated)
I will be create a bug for each one of the items mentioned in the user story as all three parts are necessary for the completion of Tracking Protection.

Kevin - the dependent bug 1204385, seems to be more related to the Control Center. Should another meta bug be created to track the Control Center related things?
User Story: (updated)
Flags: needinfo?(wmathanaraj) → needinfo?(kevingrandon)
Summary: User tracking → [Meta] Tracking Protection
Hey Eric - can you update the User Story with a Box link to the FTE Popup (#1) when you have that? I know you've got a million things going on :-/

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(In reply to Tiffanie Shakespeare [:tif] UX from comment #5)
> Kevin - the dependent bug 1204385, seems to be more related to the Control
> Center. Should another meta bug be created to track the Control Center
> related things?

I think basically they are the same feature and should be tracked in the same meta bug. I don't think you can have one without the other?
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No longer depends on: 1204385
Depends on: 1207717
Depends on: 205042
No longer depends on: 1205040, 1205042
Depends on: 1207710
No longer depends on: 1205043, 205042
No longer depends on: 1207710
No longer depends on: 1207717
Depends on: 1207717, 1207710
Depends on: 1207731
I've updated the User Story with new link to IxD spec. NI to Eric to post link to visual design.

We have a couple of open issues before the IxD spec can be called complete. Michael/Kevin please let us know when you are able to meet and discuss.
User Story: (updated)
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Hi, may I confirm the following items?

1. The control panel still combine with pin site badge, right?
2. According to the new spec, we would not show the detected trackers on TP panel.
   Therefore, does user have any other way to know the tracking elements? via adb logcat?
3. The stretch feature does not promise to land in v2.5 , does it?
Hi Tif,

Looking good. One thing I see is that the doorhanger now has a "Manage Setting" link rather than the "Learn more" link we discussed. But I think that it probably still doable and is much better UX. Let's set something up over email, but perhaps we can meet Friday.
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Sorry, didn't mean to clear epang's ni?
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User Story: (updated)
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Hi Kaite,

Currently, if user does not enable pin the web on Settings->Developer, the pin site badge(same as the control panel now) would not show.

So what will be expected to display when disable pin the web? Does the control panel still show but grey out the pin button?
Flags: needinfo?(kcaldwell)
Hey Alison,

If the feature is disabled, no Pinning buttons or icons would be shown to the user. Site Name in the header, Tracking Protection and SSL (a stretch goal for 2.5) would be the only items visible in the Control Center.
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I believe all the engineering related tasks are completed for 2.5.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
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