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Repeat sync if fetchLimit was reached


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Gonk (Firefox OS)


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2.6 S7 - 2/12


(Reporter: mbdejong, Assigned: mbdejong)



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For history sync, when more than 50 new records are available through Syncto, we only retrieve the 50 oldest ones, and ignore/skip the other records. When sync is run again, only newer records than the skipped ones will be fetched.

Once lands, we should change this behavior so that no records are ever skipped, it will simply take more sync runs (scheduled hourly or when the user clicks 'Sync Now') to get up to date with the remote data set.

It would also be nice to give the user some feedback saying '50 of 15,000 records retrieved', and maybe even make the 'Sync Now' button repeat automatically until all records have been fetched.
Assignee: nobody → mbdejong
Blocks: fxos-sync
Priority: -- → P1
Target Milestone: --- → 2.6 S3 - 12/18
Target Milestone: 2.6 S3 - 12/18 → 2.6 S4 - 1/1
blocking-b2g: --- → 2.5+
Whiteboard: [ft:conndevices][partner-cherry-pick]
Blocks: TV_FxAccount
I'm preparing a patch based on
Blocks: 1234172
Target Milestone: 2.6 S4 - 1/1 → 2.6 S5 - 1/15
Attachment #8704100 - Flags: review?(ferjmoreno)
Depends on: 1236863
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[gaia] michielbdejong:1232276-repeat-sync-v2.5 > mozilla-b2g:v2.5

This patch is now outdated.

After bug 1236863 is merged, we can just take the patch from michielbdejong:1232276-repeat-sync and cherry-pick that to the v2.5 branch.
Depends on: 1237568
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[gaia] michielbdejong:1232276-repeat-sync > mozilla-b2g:master

Thank you Michiel! The code LGTM. I left a couple of comments on the PR. 

It seems that this patch can't be accepted for 2.5 TV until we fix bug 1237568 and does not make much sense for the phone until bug 1231933 is fixed, right? 

Also, the fact that we have to start over the sync process every time it is canceled plus the fact that the user is unable to see the history or bookmarks because of bug 1237581 is a shame. So I'd like to fix these two issues as well if possible before accepting this patch.
Attachment #8704100 - Flags: review?(ferjmoreno)
Blocked on bug 1231933 for the phone, and on bug 1237568 for the TV, so let's postpone.
Depends on: 1231933
We discussed about this in our stand up meeting and we decided to 2.5- this issue. Instead of taking this approach we preferred to take bug 1237570 which we consider a safer option. In the end, even if it is a nice to have, not having the whole history synced is not a big deal for the user. We don't have autocomplete (bug 1231933) or history search features and we don't expect an user to scroll down a 2k items list looking for a specific URL, so we consider that syncing the latest 500 history records is good enough for now.
blocking-b2g: 2.5+ → ---
Target Milestone: 2.6 S5 - 1/15 → 2.6 S7 - 2/12
Based on Comment 7, it can be closed temporarily.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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