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In bug 1177781, we switched lint's default errors to warnings so we could land it in automation and not have everything break. This is the follow-up that undoes that and fixes the issues.

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a year ago
Hi Michael, Sebastian,  can I take this bug up?
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Hi Deepa. This bug is only about making lint report errors instead of warnings after we have fixed all lint issues. However we haven't done that yet. If you are interested in fixing some of the lint warnings then have a look at bugs blocking bug 1170283. You could also re-run lint locally and file new bugs - It might find even more now, a year later. Anyways, pick one of the other bugs if you want to. :)
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a year ago
With Gradle plugin 2.3 there is Baseline Support[1]

(Take a snapshot for all errors and only complain about future errors not in this snapshot)

Once we update our Gradle plugin, it could be worthy if we want to get those errors back directly.

We can make a baseline and fix those temporary ignored issues later.



Notes for current status regarding failing the builds on lint issues as of May 15, 2017, FWIW:

For the `app` component--

1. The mach build is currently not affected by the lint errors.

2. For the gradle build, only `build` task will do lint checks but not `assemble` tasks (Android default).

   For the `app` component, the lintOptions.abortOnError is enabled while there is a lint.xml changing the severity levels of erros we have not fixed yet (as described in earlier comments).

Comment 4

a year ago
Filed Bug 1366641 to track usage of lint baseline support.


a year ago
Depends on: 1218477
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