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Sync error No keyFetchToken after OTA


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2.6 S6 - 1/29


(Reporter: ariestiyansyah.rizky, Assigned: ferjm)



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1. Go to Settings
2. Select Firefox Sync
3. Press Get started
it will show this account is empty and I try to press sync now then get started again still doesnt work.

In this case my accont already had Firefox Sync in my OSX

Note: Build 20151230201227 dogwood
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Hi Rizky,
Thank you for reporting this.

Please let me ask you a few questions so we can understand and investigate the problem:
-Which device are you using and what is the version (in Settings->Device info->More info)
-Can you tap on that Get started, add your account and then it goes back to that screen (Please see bug 1237731) or it is like you cannot tap on it to introduce your email/pssw?

I have tried with aries latest ota available (20151230) and seems to be working ok.
Thank you!
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When tap on get started button isnt working.

My phone: Sony z3c foxfooding device
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Changing to Sync component and ni ferjm to check if he is aware of similar issues. Thanks!
Component: Gaia::Feedback → Sync
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Just reproduce this. I tapped on Get started and it did not do anything. I had disabled wifi and data, once enabled wifi it worked.

Rizky, could that be your case? Thanks!
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Thanks for the report Rizky. I am sorry to say that Firefox Sync is pretty much broken on the latest Sony z3c OTA. This OTA contains an almost one month old code that does not include many of the recent fixes that are already in master.

I can see this error in the logs that you provided: "Sync error No keyFetchToken". This can probably be fixed by login out of your Firefox Accounts and login back in again. But after that you will likely hit bug 1224203 which was not included in the z3c OTA. I am afraid that you'll need to wait for the next OTA update :\
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Summary: Firefox Sync does not work → Sync error No keyFetchToken after OTA
Assignee: nobody → ferjmoreno
Blocks: fxos-sync
Priority: -- → P1
Target Milestone: --- → 2.6 S6 - 1/29
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[gaia] ferjm:bug1239546.nokeyfetchtoken.patch > mozilla-b2g:master

It is possible that devices getting an OTA where the user is already logged into FxA and where the fix from bug 1211606 is not present or was never executed (i.e. the user didn't logout/login from FxA) hit the "No key fetch token" error. In this case, the only thing that we can do is to log the user out of her FxA and ask her to login again.

As usual, Michiel, could you review the Sync part, please? Yura, could look at the Settings one, please? Thanks!
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[gaia] ferjm:bug1239546.nokeyfetchtoken.patch > mozilla-b2g:master

Looks good with 1 problem addressed. Thanks
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It solve my problem by login out and log in again. awesome
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Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
To allow TVs to OTA from 2.1 to 2.5 later this year, this will need to be fixed in tv_apps/smart-system, and then be uplifted to 2.5, right?
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blocking-b2g: --- → 2.5?
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Maybe not. Is the 2.1 TV shipping with FxA integration?
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(In reply to Fernando Jiménez Moreno [:ferjm] from comment #17)
> Maybe not. Is the 2.1 TV shipping with FxA integration?

Hi Fernando,
We will not support FxA integration in 2.1. OTA should not be an issue for TV.
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